Colorado Fly Fishing Weekly Report

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Flows are low right now in Deckers, which means fish are pooling up in the deeper pools and they are spooky. If you’re walking along the river and see a deep hole fight the urge to walk right up to it and start casting, try and creep your way up to it and keep a low profile. Be sure you cast far enough up stream of your target lie so the sound of the split shot, flies and indicator hitting the water does not spook the fish. If you do not already use a yarn indicator try switching to one during these low flows, not only do they land softer but they are also more sensitive to subtle takes. On the same note on fishing deeper holes, when you see a hatch start to go off do not shy away from the shallows riffles. Hungry fish will slide into the riffles to feed when a hatch starts, this is good for the angler for 2 reasons

1. Fish found in riffles are always feeding and are more concerned about finding food than about the angler

2. Surface disturbance of the riffles conceals you more so being spotted by the fish is not as big a problem as deeper holes with a glassy smooth surface.

Fly Selection: stick to the 20 and 22 size in both beatis and midges. In the lower flows switch between flash back and non-flash back flies and see what the fish are keying in on. It wasn’t until the switch to non-flash back flies is when the fish started taking. Flies that are working well right now are, wd-40s, black beauties, juju beatis, pheasant tails, mercury pheasant tails and rs2s.

Remember when fishing these deep holes depth is key, if you are not ticking bottom every couple drifts add split shot or adjust the indicator until you do. The old adage still rings true: the one thing that separates a slow day of fishing and a great day of fishing is one split shot.

Good luck and have fun and remember if you have any questions please email us @

See you next week!

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