Colorado Fly Fishing Weekly Report

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Blue River:

Below Dillon -
Last update 08/06/16 - Flows have gone up slightly to around 311 cfs range! Fish will be moving around so work on sighting those guys! Not a lot has changes since our last report. The general tailwater fly selection consists of worms, mysis, eggs, baetis, caddis, and midge patterns in the #16 - #22 range. We recommend reducing your tippet sizes back to 3X - 5X range with the drop. Some of our favorites in shop: #18-#20 Rojo Midges, Brassie, Zebra Midge, Two Bit Hookers, RS2's, Flossy Worms, GloBugs, Charlies Mysis, Stalcup Mysis, Jujubee Midges, Juju Beatis, Stalcup Baetis, etc. . For dries, Elk Hair Caddis #16-18 range, Stimulators #14-16 range and you may even have some fun throwing some smaller chubbys!

Below Green Mountain -
Last Update: 08/06/2017 - Still very consistent reporting from last week. Flows have been holding around the 514ish cfs range the past few days. Keep to using the dry dropper set up consisting of a good terrestrial/dry attractor pattern as your top fly (Chubby Chernobyl, larger Stimulators, Green Drake Dries like the Film Critic or Turducken, and or Royal Wulffs, Humpys, etc) followed by a #14 - #16 Guide's Choice Hare's Ear, #14 - #16 CDC Pheasant Tail, #10-#12 Twenty Inchers, Pats Rubber Legs, Drake Nymphs, and worm variations, followed by a variety of Midge, PMD, Caddis and Baetis patterns as your bottom flies, #18 - #20 Olive Two Bit Hookers, RS2's, Stalcup Baetis, Bubble Back PMDs, and Barrs Emergers work really well down there.

Colorado River:

Hot Sulfur Springs -
Last Update 08/6/2017 - Still good summer action, flows are slowly dropping at around the 170ish CFS range. . Dry Dropper fly fishing is ideal this time of the season. Hopper dropper rigs are going to be your first plan of attack. For your top flies, Chubby Chernobyls, Hopper Juan, Hippie Stompers, Stimulators, and other large dry fly/terrestrial patterns around #10-16 size range. Other notes for Dries: PMDs and Quills. Suggested Droppers: Prince Nymph variations around the #10-#18 range, Pats Rubber Legs (no surprise) #8-#12 range, Dirty Birds in the Hares Ear color, and UV Sallys are all receiving great feedback from all of our float guides from the past few days. Fish those riffles, tail outs, and pools, and you should find success. Pocket water is also ideal with a single Hopper.

Radium Hot Springs -
Last update: 08/06/2017 - Flows are ranging around the 1150 cfs range. While we are seeing our fair share of rain in the afternoons, fishing is still great down on this section. Dry Dropper rigs are the way to go, that said - use a Chubby Chernobyl, or attractor dry up top. For your droppers: Hot Belly Pheasant Tail around #12-#16 are working great along with, CDC Pheasant tails, Pats Rubber Legs, Prince Nymphs, and other Caddis, PMD, and Yellow Sallie nymphs. On inclement weather days, look to chuck those streamers. Olive and Black are great starting colors! Sculpzillas and other Sculpin imitations are a great start

Eagle River:

Last Update: 08/06/17 - The Eagle has been really productive for the wader fishing..Its safe to say that once we reach flows below the 450 cfs range the float season comes to an end. Stick to general attractor nymphs such as CDC Pheasant Tails, Guides Choices Hares Ears mixed with a few Golden Stone, PMD, and Yellow Sally nymphs. Midges and BWOs are also a great option to still throw and we recommend a little flash for that water clarity. Dry fly activity has significantly increased with smaller caddis, yellow sallies, and golden stones. . Streamers are definitely your go to tactic during overcast days and inclement weather on Eagle. Wade carefully, it’s “Slippery when wet”

Frying Pan:

Last Updated: 8/6/17 - With the Pan at 231cfs, the wading is still easy but the fish have a little more protection. The PMD's and BWO's are coming off as as the drakes. The fish are looking up now taking dries and the conditions are excellent. Probably the best results at the moment are on PMD patterns but the fish will take drakes as well as BWO's as the day progresses. The conditions don't get any better than this. Use midges, bwo, drake and PMD patterns. There are caddis. about as well.

South Platte River:

Cheesman Canyon –
Latest Update: 8/6/2017- Flows remain high for this time of the year but, they have regulated the last 4 or 5 days. We are really enjoying this high late summer flow. It gives you the opportunity to fish just about any way you would like. If you want to throw dries, a big attractor try trailed by a smaller match the hatch pattern is a great way to fish. If you want to fish dries, make sure that you are covering ground. This is very hard to do knowing how many fish you will see stacked in the runs but, you will have more success staying on the move. For nymphs, you also have plenty of options. With the high flows you can catch fish on just about any fly you will tie on if it is presented well. They will lock into some bugs more than others so keep mixing it up until you are having consistent success. Lead with stoneflies, scuds, worms and leeches. Keep the trailer nymphs along the lines of baetis, caddis and small midges.

Deckers -

Last Update: 8/6/2017- We couldn't ask for a better week. The late summer high flows have fish pretty eager to please. There has been somewhat of a midday lull where fishing slows down from about 11 AM to 1 or 2 PM. If you are nymphing make sure that you have ample weight to get down to these fish. We are seeing just about any bug you can imagine from Caddis to Tricos. Big attractors have been producing as well, leeches, worms, copper johns are a great point fly right now. Below that a good mix of radiation baetis, shotglass baetis, black RS2s. If you want to fish dry flies, a big attractor (hoppers/chubbies) trailed by a smaller PMD/ Caddis or Mayfly will get action consistently throughout the day.

Dream Stream -

Latest Update: 8/6/2017- We are never going to complain about flows being in the mid 200s at the Dream. This gives you everything you can ask for as an angler. It will have the fish feeding, provide them cover making the less spooky and it will give you ample amounts of really fishable water. Look for the fish to be just about everywhere, heads of riffles, holding near boulder structure and along the banks. It is a great time to be throwing dries. Hoppers and other terrestrials will entice some really exciting takes if you stick with it throughout the day. Hippie Stompers, Hopper Juans, Chubby Chernobyls trailed by smaller PMD and Trico dries make a great combo. Nymphs will be successful as well. Fish bugs you have confidence in, a good starting point for your box should include, leeches, worms, PTs, Hares Ears, RS2s

11 Mile Canyon -
Latest update: 8/6/2017: This late summer flow certainly has fish feeding hard. However, all the difficulties of fishing higher water will be obstacles. Look for fish to push to the edges and hold in just about any pocket. The fish here will still be looking up so don't forget the dry fly box. Big attractors trailed by a pattern that is matching the current hatch will entice strikes. Tricos and PMDs, as well as some Caddis and Yellow Sallies have been coming off. Be prepared for catching one of these hatches because the fish will be eager to look up during them. You can always nymph as well, just about anything will work right now with a well presented drift. Think along the lines of PMD and an assortment of other Baetis emergers, Black RS2 and Juju emergers, smaller Hares Ears are a great starting point for the fly box this week.

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