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Flow - 83 c.f.s.

Water Conditions - clear...

Fishing - good!

I got a late start, not getting on the water until around 10:54 am, and every spot worth fishing upstream from “town” had at least one angler on it. The good news – Down stream from Bridge Crossing is now all open and fishing great, in fact all the way to the confluence is good! There are so many fish stacked in the ‘tail outs’ and ‘runs’ still It’s really fun out there right now. Find a pool, cast into the eddy with white foam in it, mend, mend, mend, wait for it, catch 7-8 fish move on to the next. It’s a blast!

Fish a few different rigs. Start with #16 FKA prince nymph followed by a #20 Olive beatis nymph, followed by a juju beatis #22 purple as a dropper. 6x fluoro tapered to 7x and small white indicators because the water is low and clear, and the fish have seen plenty of pressure the past couple of weeks. It doesn’t really vary from this much other than lead with a chartreuse copper john #16 followed by a mercury beatis and juju beatis or a mercury midge or black beauty #22. If your tired of nymphing, put on a white or olive meat whistle and cast to the edges. Hold on tight!

Landed roughly a dozen fish in 2.5 hours, and missed a few along the way. A few midges came off mid day, but no fish were rising to them. And, there is a strong presence of olive baetis nymphs in a size 18-20. Bring your small Parachute Adams just in case.

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