Redington’s Sonic-Pro Stocking Foot Waders: Comfortable, Sleek and Water Tight

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Fly fishing is a serial experience for anyone looking to adventure the outdoors. But, in order to tread into chili waters of all season and its unknown depths we must first have the proper outerwear. I will be discussing a brand that I have found to be the most sufficient in my exploits the “Redington Waders” with a great price point and durability for the most hard-core angler and weekend warrior. Let’s start with the Sonic Pro Men’s Breathable wader, how they look and feel, hit on all the great features of these amazing waders. The exterior of the waders features big pockets that zip up to keep all your personals dry and safe. The zipper pockets allow for maximum protection of small items like G.P.S, bug pucks, leaders, tip-it etc… Next, as we move to the inner parts of the waders there are other bigger pockets; these pockets are typically of a netted style and are quick and easy to access. These pockets are perfect for storing your small tackle box and other quick necessities; I personally like these pockets for their quick and on the go accessibility. Its personally made my fly fishing a lot easier to organize and maintain. The Redington Sonic Pro waders have straps that almost make the product feel weightless when worn. No more pulling or tugging on the shoulders during long days on the water. These straps are adjustable; the adjustability of them allows for the utmost comfort, with other waders I had to adjust the straps many times just to maintain comfort and the materials where heavy like wearing a backpack of sorts. As a bonus, the waders come with an adjustable wader belt, this helps keep your back and shoulders straight as well as being able to keep tools and other useful items at a quick grab. Also, don’t down play the use of the wader belt if you fall in the water. This prevents water from filling up your waders and helps prevent drowning. The waders are not stitched in a typical manner, but instead are “welded”. This means that instead of making holes with stitching that are easy to tear when snagged or become weak over time, the material is melted together. With the material being melted together it lasts much longer with wear and tear (HUGE PLUS SIDE), this also seals off the inner most part keeping your body at a comfortable temperature and dry. These waders have become a personal favorite for their spacious and safe pockets, as well as their light and comfortable fit both summer and winter.

The inner material that the Redington Sonic Pro waders are made of is known as Cocona 37.5 technology, this material helps with maintaining body temperature and moisture. “With patented 37.5 technology, active particles permanently embedded at the fiber level capture and release moisture vapor.” (37.5 webpage) The waders will keep your body dry and comfortable in almost all weather. The waders are also able to maintain a comfortable body temperature, so you don’t overheat when walking far distances or get to cold when in low temperatures. “For the average person, the body strives to maintain an ideal core body temperature of 37.5*C. You are comfortable when the microclimate relative humidity is between 30% and 50% which we term the 37.5 zone” (37.5 webpage). The Redington Sonic Pro waders promise to maintain the 37.5 zone. In order to work with this zone the material works with your own body. “Cocona technology helps your body manage moisture in your microclimate to keep you in the 37.5 zone of comfort and performance.” (37.5 webpage) To maintain natural comfort while fly fishing it’s all about the materials that we use to stay dry. The Redington Sonic Pro waders are meant for going into harsh and normal weather conditions while on rivers. They maintain a normal body temperature as well as keep you and your equipment dry, with plenty of pocket space and even a belt to maintain good posture. In the end, I recommend using the Redington Sonic Pro waders for better performance and to maintain comfort when fly fishing.

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