It's time we spring forward and the fish love it!

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Big changes on the river these days with the sun setting later each day. Trending temperatures in the mid 50’s and low 60’s and we get an extra hour to fish this this weekend! Currently the flows are 105 near Trumbull the water is full of bugs and fish love it. Starting to see stones moving to the banks and BWOs daily around 11:30, nothing looking up yet however they are not shy eating emergers. The system is healthy as can be right now with worms and leeches as well. It’s spring time is the Rockies folks. This is what we call #coloradoflyfishing.

My Rig: 5x - 9’ leader, Size 10-12 Pats Rubber Legs, Size 16 Chartreuse Copper Johns to a size 22 Deseret Storm. The fish are tugging on these bugs hard and now is the time to get out and fish. Barr's Emergers size 18-22, Brassies Sz.20-22, Gray/Olive RS2's sz. 20-24, Juju Baetis sz. 22, Radiation Baetis sz. 20, Desert Storm Midges sz. 20-22.

Spring Specials:

Guided Trips: $125 per angler two anglers max per trip. Full day South Platte River. Email for available dates.

Apparel: Hoodies $28 + Free Shipping Tees $15 + Free Shipping - Shop Now!

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